Lending and Loans

Navigating the mortgage market

In culturally diverse Florida, the American Dream of home ownership takes many forms. No longer just the traditional single-family home, it could be a duplex for additional income, a townhome or condominium where the landscaping and maintenance are provided, or maybe a funky loft in a neighborhood that’s being recharged. Owning your residence instead of paying rent remains a good investment and creates a tax advantage.

Paying off student loans

Student loans make a college education possible for many students, but they can also be a slippery slope into financial chaos if you’re not careful. Apply for the right loan with the right lender, and borrow only what you need.

Credit Scores

What’s the key to your future? College degree? Dream job? Lottery jackpot? No, actually it’s your credit score. Your score can determine what interest rate you’ll pay when you borrow money for a home or car, and the rate you’re offered when you apply for a credit card. Your credit score can also be used …

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