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Getting your financial house in order doesn’t mean you have to live a life of spartan frugality and no fun. You should celebrate your successes and milestones of achievement. There are ways to do it without breaking the bank. Florida Fun on a Budget.

Instead of meeting friends at the neighborhood pub, invite them over for a night of board games or cards. Have people bring their own beverages – hey, they pay their own bar tabs – and you provide the snacks. Rotate these gatherings among friends’ homes. Offer your space to efficiency-dwelling friends and have them bring the food.

Ditto for gathering to watch sporting events. Even if you’ve switched from cable to a streaming service, livestreaming is an economical add-on.

Public parks and gardens are a great place to picnic. Many Florida communities have free public concerts where you can bring your own refreshments. Walking and biking trails abound. What are free or low-cost attractions in your community?

You don’t have to give up first-run movies. Check out matinee pricing, if it fits your schedule. Some theaters offer matinee pricing all day one day a week, sometimes for as little as $5. Just skip the refreshment stand.

Love classical music? Attend the final rehearsal of your local symphony orchestra the afternoon of the concert. It’s usually free.

You can still go out for a special occasion. Check out whether your favorite restaurant has “early bird” specials. Enjoy “happy hour” specials with cocktails and a shared appetizer; you can savor the memory over dinner at home. And check out the benefits you gain from membership in certain organizations, particularly non-profits. National Public Radio affiliates, for example, offer member cards with two-for-one dining at local restaurants in exchange for contributions as small as $70 a year, which you can pay monthly.

Remember: It’s the people, not the place, that’s important.

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