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Survey Shows Pandemic Has Hurt Financial Health of 4 in 10 Floridians

Nine months after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, 40% of Floridians feel they are worse off financially than before, with money matters and financial wellness one of their top concerns heading into the New Year. That’s one of the biggest revelations in a new survey released today by MoneyWise Florida, a statewide financial education initiative conducted by a coalition of organizations representing financial, insurance, and consumer interests. Read more.

3 in 4 Floridians continue to report high stress over money matters as COVID-19 pandemic persists

Nearly three in four Floridians continue to suffer from high levels of stress relating to their personal and family financial situation as they struggle through the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, according to poll results issued by MoneyWise Florida, a statewide financial public education initiative. Read more.

Over Two-Thirds of Floridians Worried About COVID-19 Impact on Family Financial Security

A recent survey finds more than two-thirds of Floridians are worried about COVID-19’s impact on their financial health, with more than three-quarters of Floridians (77%) saying COVID-19 has created “more” financial stress on their households. This survey is part of a new statewide financial education initiative, MoneyWise Florida, supported by a broad coalition of financial, insurance, and consumer interests. The comprehensive effort is designed to help Floridians navigate the crisis and provide practical advice on topics ranging from paying bills to credit and debt strategies to savings and retirement. Read more.

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