Floridians are facing some of the toughest financial challenges imaginable. We’re proud to sponsor MoneyWise Florida — a public education initiative designed to help Floridians with money matters amid COVID-19

Many Floridians are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic by making tough personal finance changes – 10% less than before say they’re contributing to a retirement plan or IRA.

According to a new survey, 7 in 10 Floridians could not survive on savings alone for more than six months. Could you?

As surely as COVID-19 has hurt the physical health of thousands of Floridians, more than two-thirds of residents also worry about its lasting adverse impact on their personal financial health.

Most Floridians say they’ll seek financial advice following the economic hit of COVID-19 – including where to find financial relief, how to make savings last longer, and how to deal with debt. We’re here to help you be MoneyWise!

COVID-19 has forced Floridians to adjust how they manage their personal finances, with 13% fewer setting aside money for savings or emergencies.

How has COVID-19 impacted your financial decisions?

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